St Andrews students told to remain at home until in-person teaching resumes

All teaching will be online until at least March

In an email on Friday Principal Mapstone told students to stay at home.

This email came as a result of new guidance on restrictions from the Scottish Government.

The email said that: “For the vast majority of students, there will be no in-person teaching at universities at least until March 2021.”

The only exception to this rule is students whose course requirements mean it is impossible to study remotely and those students in the School of Medicine “who are designated key workers”.

The email went on to say that they semester will begin on January 25th as planned but students “should remain at home and should not make plans to travel back to St Andrews until we confirm that in-person teaching is due to resume on your course.”

Additionally, Principal Mapstone said that: “Although the Scottish Government has said it will be at least be March before students are allowed to return to university campuses, we think it is prudent to advise you that it may be even later than that before in-person teaching is permitted to resume.”

The email stressed that Fife is not an unsafe place but the government are concerned about the implications of allowing “large numbers of people to travel and change households” and this action “increases the risk that Covid spreads further faster.”

The Principal told students and colleagues that she would write to them soon with more information on how the University plans to support students and staff.

Mapstone did say, however, that students already en route to St Andrews don’t have to change their plans, adding the University “will do our best to look after you”.

The email also made clear international students who have already made plans and bookings for travel back to St Andrews “do not have to cancel those arrangements, but should be aware of the lockdown restrictions now in force here”.

Mapstone ended the email saying: “For now however, please stay at home.”

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