All the moments in season four of The Crown that St Andrews students can relate to

This has been one long, painful, uninterrupted crisis

The widely anticipated season four of The Crown dropped last weekend and it is safe to say it did not disappoint. This drama-filled season introduced Lady Di to the series, and St Andrews alum Prince William also made an appearance.

Since the new season launched on the 14th, it’s dominated social media and has proved the perfect excuse to procrastinate writing our dissertations and avoid any other academic responsibilities to fully binge the 10 episodes in just two days. The best thing about The Crown is its ability to have you half glued to the screen, as your little hands start googling “did this really happen?” and “Prince Edward young“.

For a brief moment in time, you can escape the reality of living in a pandemic and the impending doom of my many, many deadlines. But something else was apparent about this series of The Crown, there’s so many moments that scream St Andrews. While we may not (all) be royals, here’s all the moments in series four of The Crown that St Andrews students can relate to.

“That was impressively cunty”

When St Andrews thought it was acceptable to charge over £120 for a red gown you don’t even wear for graduation.

[Snoring lightly]

When you have a 9am online lecture but you’re half asleep, so you join the call and go back to bed because let’s face you aren’t going to contribute to anything during the 50 minutes.

“Has been one long, painful, uninterrupted crisis”

When you get put into a breakout room and nobody talks or responds to your questions. Awks.

“I don’t need to look at you to show you I’m listening to what you’re saying”

When the lecturer insists on having cameras on, even though everyone in the call is deeply against it. Do you really want to see me in my pyjamas, with greasy hair and a bomb site for a bedroom? No, I didn’t think so.

“We are all heartily sick of it”

When that same person every week in the online seminar keeps asking irrelevant questions which only prolongs the torture of sitting through an online seminar that could have easily been summarised in an email.

“All one can think of is Dick”

This one is for all of the gals who really feel the disadvantages of attending a uni with a 60:40 female to male ratio.

“He knows how busy I will be, and how hard I intend to work”

What you hope your dissertation advisor thinks when you don’t answer his emails for a couple of weeks.

“We’ll never get another chance”

When you try to time your Pret stop so only 15 people are ahead of you in the queue and you don’t spend half an hour staring at the Boots window displays.

“I don’t. I’m just poor”

When your flatmates say you’re making excuses for not coming to 601, but the reality is that you spent all your money on rounds of Pablos for everyone on Wednesday at Sinners. Miss you Sinners and spending those Thursday 9ams hungover.

“But we worked together. As a team”

When your group presentation is a complete shambles but you don’t know what your tutor expected when they set the assignment.

“For 10 minutes, he sat talking six feet away from the Queen.”

When you can’t meet up with your friends, but you can sit six feet away from them for 50 minutes during your dual-delivery in-person sessions. This seems a little wrong to me, but hey ho at least Fagan maintained social distancing when he broke into Buckingham Palace.

“You should hire me”

What you want to type in the ‘why should we hire you’ section of a graduate scheme application. But no, you have to go through the painstaking experience of writing out your whole education and employment history that takes hours, to which you still end up getting rejected.

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