Nine types of flatmate you’ll find if you study at St Andrews

Everyone knows who their favourite is

Many factors need to come together in order to find the right flatmates. Many people choose to go live with the closest friends they’ve made in their first year at university. You may end up random bunch who become some of your firmest friends or have a year from hell with flatmates you can’t wait to get rid of.

No matter how you end up meeting them, once you’ve lived together more than a few days you’ll realise every single St Andrews flatmate can be summed up into one of these nine different categories.

The mum

This flatmate is the wholesome one. The one who keeps the flat together and is always there for everyone when one of you is feeling down. They will be the first to decorate the flat to get into a festive spooky or Christmassy mood.

They are also the most responsible one, the one who will stop you when you’ve had too much to drink and make sure you’re safe in bed. They are just what you need and has helpful advice for any situation. Just remember that mums need some love too!

They can be spotted walking round the cathedral ruins or along the Fife coastal path giving off pure wholesome vibes.

The vegetarian

Food, diet and health are important to this flatmate. They’re always in the kitchen eager to use new ingredients or try new recipes.

They try to persuade everyone else in the house to be vegetarian/vegan with them, and maybe after enough nagging, you may even give it a try – though courgetti may never be your favourite meal.

Taste is their favourite coffee shop and they study exclusively in the St Mary’s library.

The party animal

This flatmate is the outgoing and lively one. For them, any excuse is a good excuse to party. They will pull everyone out of the house to go to the union or a house party even when everyone else wants a quiet Friday night at home.

Often times, this is the person that the Mum of the flat needs to reign in, but you also know that this is the flatmate to go to when you need a carefree night out. They’re full of life and ready to hype you up whenever you need. And you definitely want them planning your 21st!

They only ever study in the passive aggressive section of the library and are often seen chatting to crowds of their mates outside Tesco on Market Street.

The hypochondriac

This flatmate is always worried they have caught a cold. Which albeit, is not too hard in St Andrews’ cold and windy days. This flatmate has a drawer full of medication, is always hanging about at Boots or trying new herbal remedies.

Nettle tea is always tucked away in your cupboards, but they’re the first person you go to when you have any symptoms – they’re a walking WebMD. The staff in Pipeland/Blackfriars know them by name.

The posh one

This flatmate is the one that isn’t afraid to splurge a little. You’re constantly having to open the door to sign for their packages or if this is you the urge to track your package as soon as you’ve ordered it gives you a high.

This flatmate may love going out to eat, trying afternoon tea at the Old Course Hotel or dinner at the Seafood Ristorante. Their room may be filled with clothes and shoe racks ready for any St Andrews ball, fashion show or bop and they’re definitely paying extra for the en suite. They were definitely in a catered, en suite room in ABH or JBH in first year.

The messy one

When this flatmate has been in the kitchen, everyone knows it. This flatmate leaves a trail of laundry, dirty plates and old pizza boxes wherever they go. They have bought toilet paper zero times this year.

Unfortunately cleaning and tidying up is nowhere near their priorities, which means you often have to clean up after them or face an uncomfortable conversation about their cleaning habits. They live in the Badlands but definitely haven’t ventured up to Morrisons or Aldi despite living so close.

The studious one

This flatmate is the quiet one that might as well be a ghost.  St Andrews is known for its academic excellence, so this flatmate may be quite common.

Seeing them around the house is rare, they will spend entire days in their room or at the library. Days before an exam or assignment is due, they disappear. You rarely see them around the house and sometimes you wonder, have they eaten today?

While they might be quiet and focused don’t forget to check in on them and force them to come out of their room once in a while for a breath of fresh air or a walk along one of St Andrews beaches.

The night owl

Many people find that studying at night when everyone has gone to sleep and it’s quiet, is more conducive to their work and efficiency.

This flatmate takes this to the next level, they sleep late into the day, waking up only after the sun has set and they stay in the library until closing so they won’t be home until past 2am. This flatmate thrives in the silence of the night.

The international student

The St Andrews bubble is known for hosting international students from different backgrounds and speaking different languages. This flatmate is always travelling, packing bags and getting ready to explore new places.

Since they are not from the UK, they take any chance they get to visit Scotland, the UK and Europe. Tagging along with them on their trips to the Isle of Skye, Stirling Castle and other cute day/weekend trips is always a good idea.

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