11 types of St Andrews student you’ll come across on New Year’s Eve

It’s not NYE if someone hasn’t passed out before midnight

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year and a fabulous excuse for a party. You have likely been to countless NYE parties but something that remains constant is the type of students you’ll find there.

Let’s be honest, a NYE party isn’t the same if you don’t come across someone who’s heavily drinking before they attempt dry January or already detailing their resolutions. Although we won’t be partying to quite the same extent this year, here are the different type of St Andrews student you can find at every typical New Year’s Eve party.

The one who’s desperate for a kiss at midnight

There’s always that one single person who is very keen on starting the new year locking lips with another.

You can find them flirting with a multitude of fellow singletons throughout the evening with some dignity, but the panic sets in at 11:45pm when they still haven’t secured their midnight smooch. When 11:55pm comes around they start lining their mates up just to guarantee a kiss.

They can be found on the pull in 601 on a weekly basis.

The couple who really need to get a room

The total opposite of your super single mate, this couple is just as annoying.

Starting the New Year filled with love is a wonderful thing – but these people are obsessed with each other after only three weeks of dating and make everyone aware by involving themselves in an hours-long smooch fest.

This couple you often have to avoid when they are making out in the middle of Market Street while you are on your way to get a Tesco microwave meal for one.

We love love but nobody at the party wants to watch that all night long, probably best kept to the privacy of your own home.

The one who’s in bed by 10pm

This person has peaked early and had their fun well before midnight. They can be found sneaking away from the party to get into their PJs and are tucked up in bed before 10pm.

This person is often found studying on the third floor of the library, highly organised and sensible.

After all they have to be up early the following morning for their annual New Year’s Day swim which is by no means as chilly as a dip in the North Sea!

The one who thinks it’s the 30th

We all know that the period between Christmas and New Year’s is a complete blur, is it a Tuesday or a Sunday… who knows!

However, this person is entirely oblivious to the concept of time and is convinced that it’s actually the day before NYE. They must be thinking that this is a lit party for New Year’s Eve Eve (can we call it that?) and that the festivities have started early this year.

This is the kind of person who forgets their assignment is due 24 hours before the deadline.

The one who always claims that this will be their year

You can find this person reeling off their long list of New Year’s resolutions followed by the familiar phrases “new year, new me” and “this will be my year”.

Whether it’s to study in the library more, use that gym membership they forked out for when they were feeling ambitious in September or to stop spending their student loan on Deliveroo, we all know that it will have gone tits up by January 4th and they’ll be sitting on the sofa with a Blackhorn burger in hand.

The one who is having an existential crisis and letting everyone know about it

This person becomes reflective as the year comes to an end and begins re-evaluating their life choices at 11pm.

Others at the party will have to sit and listen to everything that has gone wrong in the year and try to offer some encouraging words of hope. The meaning of life is a tricky topic to cover when you’re four G&Ts in.

The one that insists on counting down from 30 seconds

For this person 10 seconds just isn’t enough time to prepare for the transition into the new year.

They have made sure everyone has a drink in hand and have prepared the group for belting out a bad version of Auld Lang Syne when the clock strikes midnight (does anyone really know all the words?).

This person is ultra-organised and is the type of student we are all jealous of for handing in their assignment a week early.

The one who has a close shave with a firework

New Year’s is renowned for its spectacular firework displays and most of us do not have the will power to queue for hours to see the London display so a makeshift one at home will have to suffice.

We all love a sparkler but there’s always that one overconfident person that takes it too far. Swishing it around to ring in the new year this person is lucky if they don’t lose an eyebrow or set a family member’s hair on fire.

They definitely spent their first year roaming the corridors of Andrew Melville.

The one who started drinking at 1pm because it’s midnight in Australia

This person can be found with a glass of wine in their hand from lunchtime onwards. Never mind “it’s five o’clock somewhere”, this person is keeping up with the Aussies and celebrating each country’s new year as the evening goes on!

This person is often found sipping from a cocktail tree (one all to themselves, of course) in the Adamson.

It’s a long way to go till midnight so you can guarantee they will be seeing in the new year from the floor of the bathroom.

The one who is living for the outfits

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse for the fashion supremos to get glitz and glam. They look like they’ve come directly out of a House of Fraser advert and take glitter to a new extreme, but they certainly catch the eye of everyone at the party and make your outfit of jeans and a nice top look a lot less spectacular.

This person can be found in dazzling outfits at Szentek and is definitely part of the Don’t Walk fashion shows.

The one who is obsessed with taking candid pics ‘for the gram’

This person can be found lining their mates up for an endless stream of instagrammable pictures where you waste 45 minutes trying to get a picture where everyone looks half decent. Catch this person yelling at their mates for blinking. Again.

This person’s Instagram stories are filled with pictures of Taste’s latte art and beautiful St Andrews sunsets.

After five attempts at a boomerang of your glasses clinking you get a notification that you’ve been tagged in a photo, which you did not ‘okay’, and your supposedly candid laughing picture actually looks like you’re having a seizure.

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