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Geography and Sustainable Development students told to stop sending aggressive emails to class reps

They were told that ‘rudeness, bullying or harassment’ will not be tolerated


Students in the School of Geography and Sustainable Development have been cautioned against sending harassing emails to their Class Representatives.

In an email to all students, Head of School Professor Keith D. Bennett noted that he had been made aware of several ‘aggressive, even rude, emails’ to members of Student Consultation demanding clarification on module changes in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Bennett highlighted the School’s zero-tolerance for “rudeness, bullying or harassment” and promises to take action should these messages persist.

The Professor’s entire message to students reads as follows: “I have heard reports that some aggressive, even rude, emails have been sent to the School President and Class Reps.

“These folk doing an essential and valuable job as the interface between students and staff, largely thankless, done exceptionally well to the benefit of all, but especially the students they represent.

“While I understand that some may want answers about module changes quicker, I absolutely will not tolerate rudeness, bullying or harassment of anyone under any circumstances at any time.

“It must stop. If I see specific examples, I will take very specific action.”

“If you are unhappy about School actions, please let me or my colleagues know, but be sure to be fair and reasonable, remembering that the coronavirus pandemic is unique situation for all of us, and we are all working to mitigate its impacts on, above all, you the students.”

“And please show your respect for the quality work done by the School President and Class Reps in any of the usual ways.”