St Andrews suspends all face-to-face teaching

All classes and examinations will be online

The University of St Andrews has suspended all face-to-face classes from the 30th of March after Spring Break.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Principal and Vice Chancellor Sally Mapstone sent an email to students advising them that all classes, tutorials and examinations will be delivered online henceforth.

Public spaces such as the university library may face closure as the situation changes.

Professor Mapstone also advised all students who are able to do so to return home for the remainder of the semester. As international travel is quickly changing and many countries have entered lockdown, this course of action has been recommended to students.

Students that cannot travel and remain in St Andrews have been reassured that the University will take care of them to the best of their ability. This, however, may require students to be confined to their room or flat. All students have been advised to obtain material and equipment to complete their classes online.

The University will continuously update students on their response to Coronavirus via email.