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The best places to celebrate Galentine’s Day in St Andrews!

Ovaries before brovaries am I right?

Everyone knows that Valentine's is that special day where you get chocolate, some flowers and affection from that special someone. Well, assuming you're actually going out with someone (rare in St Andrews).

Galentine's Day reminds to love and appreciate female friendship. . Especially at university, when schedules clash and life is chaotic, making time for our besties can be difficult. This is the perfect day of the year which allows us girls to appreciate and be grateful for all the friendships we have, because ultimately that love is so important.

The most important holiday of the year falls on February 13th, so even those not on the singles market can celebrate with their girlfriends without abandoning their boo. Although St Andrews is a small town, options are not limited when celebrating what should be a national holiday. So take a look to see where you should go this Galentine's Day.

The Doll's House Restaurant

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This restaurant has homely vibes and the food is next level. Not only is the brunch and mimosa combo an amazing reason to get up and start the festivities early, they also do afternoon tea and a steak date deal every Thursday (luckily the same day as Galentines). An indulgent option to spend some time with your lady friends.

Watching a film

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Watching a film definitely isn't a weak option for celebrating Galentine's, it gives you the opportunity to just simply enjoy the company of your friends. You can also get bevs at this cinema so, this is even a alternative option for predrinks if you're feeling a wild night out afterwards to truly celebrate.

A spa day at the millions of spas in town

If your group are feeling like they are ready to TREAT YO' SELVES then head to a spa. This is a great option for gals who need to unwind and are looking for a good catch up. Plus, most of them have student discounts (sneaky).

Ice Cream at Jannettas

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If you're busier this Thursday, a quick stop at Jannettas will definitely be enough for a really sweet catch-up. Here you can choose from many different ice cream and sorbet flavours. Plus, it's Galentine's, so calories don't count.

Cocktails at The Saint

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If you're looking for a boozier option to celebrate with your girlfriends, The Saint is the perfect option for cocktails. The easy and classy vibe, will allow for you and all you girls to get a little dressed up but you're still in for an easygoing, fun night.