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St Andrews gave out free condoms at a Brexit awareness event

Makes sense for the world’s longest break-up

St Andrews now has a Brexit helpdesk and is advertising it in Rector's Cafe. This is not a drill. The advertisement says that this desk will be "a single point of contact for all questions and suggestions related to Brexit."

You can find the desk at the ASC at 79 North Street, or by emailing [email protected] Working hours are 9:30-17:00, Monday-Friday.

The university has organised a Brexit help desk which will be the area where students can ask all questions relating to Brexit. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the university joined with the Wellbeing-Committee to hold a Pulling Out Pit-Stop. Here, students were given information about Brexit and, surprisingly, condoms.

Information about Brexit 'drop-ins' have been circulated to history students; but the university has failed to email Physics and other members of science faculties. The university is offering three drop-in sessions which will present what will happen post-Brexit.

This comes just two weeks after Sally Mapstone, Principal, emailed all students to say "We are no better placed to forecast what the next six weeks, and beyond, may bring, but we continue to plan prudently for a no-deal exit on 31 October."

International students also don't seem to understand the Brexit help available. Callum Weiner spoke to The Tab and said "I don't understand it either." Mahan, a first-year, said "he doesn't really care any more" and this desk isn't "going to help". The students definitely seem to like the free condoms though.