Billionaire fresher at St Andrews hires 12 staff to look after her at uni

The roles include a maid, butler, chauffeur and a private chef

An Indian billionaire's daughter is arriving at St Andrews this year as a fresher and has hired 12 staff to look after her whilst she studies.

The staff includes a maid, butler, house keeper, gardener, three footmen, private chef and chauffeur.

Although, the chauffeur won't be driving her from lectures back to halls. Instead, she's bought a mansion to live in for four years. Prince Wills wasn't even that extra when he studied at St Andrews.

To find the 12 staff, a very posh job agency called Silver Swan Recruitment sent out an advert in early June.

According to The Sun, the advert read: "The family are very formal so want experienced staff". Sorry guys, this definitely isn't an opportunity to pad out your CV and overdraft with a job working for an Indian billionaire.

The advert also stated the maid needs to be "an outgoing, cheerful and energetic personality". I'm guessing a hungover, malnourished student doesn't exactly fit the role then?

The maid will also be responsible for "waking principal [the student] up, liaising with staff regarding routine and schedule, assisting with grooming, wardrobe management and personal shopping". So basically someone to make sure this fresher is awake, looking presentable and actually alive. An impossible job when dealing with a fresher surely.

As for the butler, they will need to "oversee the team, while footmen will be responsible for serving meals daily, laying the table and keeping the house clean".

The Daily Mail reported that staff will also be required to open doors for the student, when possible. They won't be doing all of this for minimum wage, though, as it is reported they'll receive a salary of around £30,000 a year.

But who is this billionaire fresher? If you have any tips, please confidentially email [email protected]