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Here are the best dressed people from Elaga 2018

One guy even dressed as a tourist

It's probably the most talked about event of the year. Would it work? Should you wear wellies? Will Rudimental actually turn up? Well, St Andrews came out in full support of Elaga 2018, with some of the waviest looks this town has ever seen. Guys and girls were sporting garms which wouldn't have looked out of place at Leeds, Reading or Vfest. Here's our selection of the best dressed guys and gals who gave it their all at Elaga.

These gals were looking chilled and relaxed in denim numbers, with Lorna's sunglasses a bold move on the rainy day. This is Lorna, Management and Rhona, History

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These guys were VIP to the max, with Herman's jacket really making a statement. Left to right, Herman Economics, Alex Medicine, Marius Economics and Flaxel Art History and Management

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These glittery girls are Briony and Miranda who study English and IR

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We'd like to specially mention the red puffer jacket Jocelyn wore as it looked toasty AF. Jocelyn and Sophia who both study History

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These guys dressed up as tourists and are therefore legends, left to right is George, Geography, Lewis, Economics, Darius, IR and Bobby, History

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This is Jack and Emma, who study IR and Maths respectively. Jack let us know that he has an ironic Facebook account but was unironically spoking a cigar. Also we love the cat ears

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These beautiful gals all came in matching ski suits; cute, twinning and they didn't get damp like the rest of us. This is Callie who studies Management and Georgia who studies Spanish

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These iconic jackets are owned by Charlotte who studies IR and Ben who studies Management

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These guys were all wearing cool jackets which made them worthy of best dressed. From right to left, there is TJ, Medicine, Richard, Chemistry, Matthew, Chemistry, Alex, Medicine and Carter, IR

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