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Here’s how you can find you soulmate for £3 and donate to charity at the same time

You can even bribe them for a better match

Ever wanted to go out with your library crush without actually speaking to them? To finally meet the girl you've been staring at in Rector's. Here's your chance.

The Charities Campaign is organising a 'Blind Date' even from April 9th to 12th. They will match you up with a friend or stranger – for a price. This could be the easiest way, since the Crushes page was founded, to meet your soulmate in St Andrews.

The initial sign- up free is £3. However, if your match doesn't float your boat, you can then bribe for a better match for £1 to £5. The campaign has been given £15 vouchers to Tailend and 50% off at Forgans for all dates.

Sounds worth it just for the food, amirite?

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Not single? They're also organising a Date Night, where couples can get access to the 50% off deal for just £5 per date.

We asked The Charities Campaign about their advice for those too scared to sign up. They gave some great advice for those feeling a little nervous about taking part. "Its quicker than waiting for your intials to show up on the the Crushers Page and way better than matching with someone on tinder and then making awkward eye contact in the fruit aisle of Tesco."

Sound advice.

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If this hasn't convinced you, as profits will go to Save the Children, The Scottish Refugee Council and Families First St Andrews. Tickets will be sold outside the library on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.