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There’s going to be a vote on another week of strikes in April

The UCU dispute has not yet been solved and ‘it looks probable that further strike action will commence’

The Principal, Dr Sally Mapstone, has just announced that there could be another week of strikes beginning on the 16th April. The Principal emailed all students and apologised that the dispute had "not been resolved over the break".

St Andrews UCU has moved, along with thirteen other universities, to strike for a further week in April. This would disrupt teaching in week 10.

The dates in April were selected by the St Andrews branch of UCU but also reflect a national effort to co-ordinate strike plans. There will be a General Meeting held by UCU on Wednesday 4th April, to which all members of the university community are invited.

Students have been emailed with revised exam plans, with some schools such as English adjusting exam requirements to ensure fair assessment. According to the email sent to all students "graduation schedules will be unaffected by the industrial action".

There is a new proposal in place, which would safeguard the current value of staff pensions until they have been independently valued by a panel. This panel of experts must be supported by both the UCU and UUK.

This vote will be held on Wednesday 4th April and close on Friday 13th April. These means the result will be known before the next week of strikes.

This proposal has been criticised by academics, with some suggesting that a larger UCU conference needs to be held – with representatives from all of the UCU chapters across the UK. This would reject the current proposal by UUK. It is unknown yet when the proposed ballot of this proposal will take place, but is expected to be after 20th April.