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dRAG walk, rainbow bop and sinners: here’s what’s happening in St Andrews this rag week

Dancing queen has never sounded so good

RAG week is swift upon us, with dRAG Walk kicking off on Friday. It is the one week a year where we are reminded that it is our duty to give back – through volunteering time, giving money or even dancing at the Bop.

After dRAG Walk the Rainbow Bop will be held, which is your chance to get dolled up and celebrate diversity. Other highlights include the Wax Collective event on the Tuesday of RAG Week (Week 4) and then also the Neon Sinners on the Wednesday.

There are also events during the day, which can be found, in full, on the RAG Facebook page.

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Sinners and neon might not sound like a good combination, and 601 will probably glow in the dark for weeks, but it's time to join your team and support these three great charities. Finally there is also an ABBA tribute event on the Thursday. With complaints that this year's Refreshers wasn't up to par, here's hoping that the tribute band can making dancing queens out of all of those watching.

RAG still have some volunteer sign-ups left and you can contact Sophie Ainsworth through [email protected] Plus you get a free purple t-shirt you could probably wear to the gym to show people just how compassionate and giving you are.

The week will be full of events – that you'd probably attend anyway- which raise money for the three charities supported by the Union this year. The charities are elected by students every year and generally offer help to at both a regional and national level. The charities supported this year are: Families First- St Andrews, the Scottish Refugee Council and Save the Children UK/St Andrews Save the Children.

Volunteers will get emailed what we have on offer and they can sign up to help with what they please.

Here are the events, in full, so you can tell all your friends you have a social life: (RAG Week 2018) (Wax Collective x RAG presents // Bake (ABBA Tribute Band Live in 601) (DRAG walk 2018)