Concrete Catwalk takes us back in time

On Tuesday night, The Adamson was transformed into a 1920s Speakeasy

In celebration of their third anniversary, Concrete Catwalk, for one night only, took over The Adamson and transformed it into a veritable den of iniquity. With everyone in 20s themed outfits, and 20s themed cocktails aplenty, this was a far cry from a typical Tuesday night out, however one that appeared to be enjoyed by everyone present.

Naturally, no Concrete Catwalk event would be complete without a catwalk of it's own, and the bar of The Adamson turned into a catwalk filled with flapper dresses, dapper suits and pearls aplenty.

We felt, to do the event justice, it was appropriate to look at the best dressed of the evening:

Megan Rough and Gabriela Milkova

Nicola, Kate, Lauren and Raf

Emma Glennon

Ellie Edward

Henry Crabtree

Kerry, Freya, Sarah, Tom and Emma