Concrete Catwalk takes us back in time

On Tuesday night, The Adamson was transformed into a 1920s Speakeasy

In celebration of their third anniversary, Concrete Catwalk, for one night only, took over The Adamson and transformed it into a veritable den of iniquity. With everyone in 20s themed outfits, and 20s themed cocktails aplenty, this was a far cry from a typical Tuesday night out, however one that appeared to be enjoyed by everyone present.

Naturally, no Concrete Catwalk event would be complete without a catwalk of it's own, and the bar of The Adamson turned into a catwalk filled with flapper dresses, dapper suits and pearls aplenty.

We felt, to do the event justice, it was appropriate to look at the best dressed of the evening:

Megan Rough and Gabriela Milkova

Nicola, Kate, Lauren and Raf

Emma Glennon

Ellie Edward

Henry Crabtree

Kerry, Freya, Sarah, Tom and Emma

The Tab St. Andrews

last seen today at 07:02

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