‘Boxpark, Morley’s, Tiger Tiger’ things you’ll only know if you grew up in Croydon

It’s ends mate.

People say it's rubbish, boring and terrible. Yet only true Croydoners know the Cronx is the best place to live. From incredible transport links, green spaces and food; Croydon truly is a great place to live. Yes, it has its drawbacks. Croydon town centre is too busy on weekends, the buses can be terrible, and the trams are loud. Yet, any true person who's lived in Croydon knows it's all worth it.

Never get on the tram at 7.30AM

Unless you want to look or feel like a sardine, there is nothing worse than getting in that school rush tram. Backpacks pressed into uncomfortable places and kids shouting loudly; no thank you.

CREDIT: Flickr jo.sau

CREDIT: Flickr jo.sau

The dancing man is a legend

His Reggae music. His style. His tenacity to dance in rain or shine. No other introduction is needed.

See him here:

The new bus shelter at East Croydon was a waste of money

Closed for six months. All that changed was the plastic seating. We can't even get boards to tell us when the next bus will be. Talk about millions wasted.

The X26 is the longest bus ever

West Croydon to Heathrow. Through Sutton. Whoever thought of this dire, hours long, bus journey should be forced to ride it six times. With the bus stopping at every single stop.

Morley's Chicken is better than KFC

From after school chips to your late night chicken, Morley's has always been there for Croydon. KFC queues and late night drunk people have made Morley's the number one choice for your Croydon chicken craving.



Tiger Tiger was the definitive night out (RIP)

Your first Jaegerbombs. The first time you found out 6 shots in an hour was not a good idea. Probably the first time you got with someone in a club. Tiger Tiger was a place of many firsts for Croydon's youth and you know it was Croydon in a nutshell.

Boxpark makes you feel trendy

You know that when you pay £10 for a Vietnamese tin box that it's going to be good. Plus there's one in Shoreditch and isn't that the trendiest place in London? They better look out now that Croydon's coming up.

How crap a school trip to Croydon Clocktower is

You remember when you were eight and you got taken on a trip to a museum in one room? I'm still not sure what the clocktower actually does but we can agree that there is no appreciation from the seven year-old within us.

Five Guys will be better than Yates

Sorry to Yates but Five Guys is taking over. Actually good burgers and some good employment opportunities, you know this can't be a bad thing. Plus everyone hanging outside to try and get a peak in know that something exciting is happening.

You will never not call it Allders

Although you're absolutely not sure what it's called now, it will never be anything by Allders to the traditional Croydon crew. We grew up getting lost in the fashion department, hoping to find that sweet smell of perfume that would guide us to the Whitgift Centre. Plus, the shortcut will save you ten seconds on your way to East Croydon so it's obviously still important.



Driving through Centrale will always make you feel sick

Whether you're driving or in the backseat, winding up that windmill of a road can make the best of us feel ill. Plus if it's congested you're stuck on a hill for ages, and nobody likes driving like that.

Purley is the posh bit

Michael Buble was 'going to buy a house there'. Enough said.

…but Thornton Heath gave the world Stormzy

Purley might have the celebrities and the ritzy houses, but we know where the real talent comes from. From the true ends, Thornton Heath and West Croydon bought the next big thing to the grime scene.

It really isn't that bad

People love to slag Croydon off and say it's the worse place to live in Britain. Believe me, I've been to North London and I know that's not the case. Once you've lived in Croydon, you'll always have a piece in your heart.