The very best of May Dip

Did your photos make the cut?

Just incase you missed it, on Monday morning as the sun rose over East Sands, thousands of St. Andrews students stripped down to near nothing, and braved the bracing temperatures of the North Sea to wash away their academic sins of the year.

As a student population, we’re known for our bizarre traditions, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. The sight of thousands of slightly tipsy students sprinting into the ocean at sunrise is quite a sight to behold, and so we’ve compiled a mixture of some of the very best Instagrams from the big event:


ran into the sea & roared at the waves for a bit yesterday morning, was v magical, am transformed etc ? #MayDip

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01/05/2017 5:34am ? #maydip

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Sesh, Sea and Suspicious Traditions. #maydip #frozennips #insertdeepemoshcaption #salty

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5:00 AM // fresh feels #maydip

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Ready for the Dip! #maydip #sea #sunrise

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