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Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life? Have you ever read our articles and completely disagreed with them? Do you want to put your opinions out there?

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You can get invaluable work experience and contacts

Tab writers have the opportunity to regularly intern at the HQ office, as well as being part of the Tab Academy, which is responsible for getting work experiences and internships at different media companies and news agencies such as the SWNS, The Sun and The Sunday Times. The academy helps build your skills and gain opportunities that will be invaluable when you graduate. Tab alumni have gone on to work in large media names such as The Telegraph, The Times, Vice, Buzzfeed, and Vogue.

You can write what you want

We’ll help and guide you through to publishing your articles, but they are your opinions and your stories. We want comment back on our own Facebook page about you either…

The Tab is only going to get bigger and better

The Tab is a global news network comprised of professional and student journalists, reaching an audience of 8 million readers every month. We have teams at all major university cities in the UK, with a main HQ in London, 77 teams all over the US, including all the Ivy League Universities with a HQ in New York, and we also have one team in Canada.

You can get in touch with the editors Georgia Davies and Beth Robertson here.