Loud and proud: The power of the printed shirt

Work that paisley.

Paisley, floral, plaid, ethnic, animal, Hawaiian, water-brush, hounds-tooth, tie-dye. The range of prints and patterns out there is vast, and by simply investing in a printed shirt, you will no longer have to experience the disappointment of sharing the same exact wardrobe with many other St. Andrews students, due to a severe over-reliance on H&M retailing. Be loud and proud, and make a style statement by searching for a distinctive print shirt that is special to you.


Victoria wears a printed Burberry blouse to assure us that despite her inability to smile she does, in fact, have a heart.

One stop-off in your quest for the perfect print has to be a Charity shop. Although the bundle of printed blouses on offer might remind you of your grandparent’s outdated clothes, imagine them on Morrissey circa 1985 and they will suddenly seem oh so retro-cool. Transform these neglected shirts into vintage gems, by assembling them with rolled up, distressed denim jeans and Dr. Martens, and don’t forget your tortoise-shell glasses to look sexy whilst you study for those dreaded exams.



Morrissey; the original creator of  Granddad chic.

 The ability to pull off a printed shirt can be a test of manhood. People who think they are pushing the boat out by wearing white and baby blue pin-stripped blouses have nothing on the men who don vibrant floral and paisley printed shirts. Express the confident man you are and break gender stereotypes, by wearing the most ‘feminine’ and intricate prints, preferably in flattering shades of pink.



Having embraced his feminine side in a floral print shirt, Tinie Tempah appears zen.

And girls, if you fear appearing too androgynous, adopt J Crew’s preppy styling with a bejeweled statement necklace. It will serve as the perfect accompaniment to soften the sharp lines of a buttoned up blouse.

orange printed shirt


If you are aiming for a sophisticated evening look, ensure that your printed shirt is form-fitting and flattering. The illusions created by the patterns alone will conceal your Dervish/Empire induced food baby, so there is no need to wear an oversized blouse. Once you have browsed Lightbox’s photos of the night before and discovered that you appear to be shaped like a box, you will regret it more than those late-night cheesy chips!


Indie babe Florence Welch gets it right in a print-tastic Miu Miu look.

If you feel like bringing some urban attitude to the quaint setting of St. Andrews, take inspiration from the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ when selecting your jazzy printed shirt. The hip-hop style can be polished off with a baseball cap, a bomber jacket in a bright, complementary colour, and high-tops, and if you really feel like paying homage to the 90s, brave some denim dungarees.


What is most important to remember is that sporting a printed shirt is all about expressing your personality; even if that means having pictures of dogs printed all over your shirt, so be it.

Images courtesy of vivinvogue.blog.com, fhm.com, metro.co.uk, mydaily.co.uk fabsugar.com and fashionbeans.com