Downton gets dark

Rape, lies and death: has Downton lost the plot?

Downton Abbey: Probably the most popular television programme across the nation (well, the Bubble at least). As St Andrews gets darker in the winter months, is the same happening in Downton?

Of course in episode one all we needed was a good cry to mourn the loss of beloved Matthew. However, nearly a month in, I still have to put on my waterproof mascara and buy Tesco out of tissues every Saturday night.

Our first encounter with the Abbey this year was literally, figuratively, emotionally, whatever else you want to call it, dark. At the end of the first episode, despite the fact that it seemed to have been night time every day in Downton and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it was set at the time of the Apocalypse, things finally brightened up at the end as Mary put on some brighter attire. Alas, we were deceived; things didn’t get much better after that.

Filled with hope for the future of Downton in Mary’s hands, I became hopeful and maybe even positive, despite the guilt I felt when I remembered that I shouldn’t really enjoy Downton without Matthew. I decided to grow up and believe that change is a good thing, but then Lord Gillingham had to get involved.

downton abbey 2If there’s one thing that meant the sun still shone on Downton, it was definitely the relationship we all either envy or adore: Anna and Bates. To be honest, I prefer them to Mary and Matthew (please don’t send me hate mail), but they had to ruin that too.

The first and most tragic element in the declining relationship of Anna and Bates is of course the horrific incident of rape. I don’t think anyone in St Andrews wasn’t fuming when they saw what became of poor Anna. If Lord Gillingham and his valet ever come to our town, I very much doubt they will leave unscathed. Of course, as much as this was and still is one of Downton’s heaviest and most serious storylines, they had an opportunity to show the love and support a married couple can give each other in times of despair; instead they decided to avoid the chance to show hope of any future happiness in Downton.

Anna’s concealment from her husband about what really happened continues to bring more tension in Downton and Bates is at a total loss. By this time I had given up on tissues and started pulling my hair out in frustration.

On top of all this dishonesty, the kitchen staff too are fighting over each other and we can all clearly see that Edith is going to be in deep trouble before long.

I would love to proclaim to the Bubble that there are more joyous times to come in Downton, but it seems that the programme that once enchanted us has made us even more miserable about our Monday 9ams than we were before.



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