The Asus ZenBook is a uni student’s dream laptop and here’s why

Firstly, it looks great


If I had to describe the Asus ZenBook, powered by the Intel Evo platform, in one word it would simply be “stunning”. The design of it won my heart immediately. The black and rose gold colour scheme paired with the slim and lightweight design is a real eye catcher. Sometimes I just stare at the laptop, thinking how pretty it is. The graphics are also incredible – I feel like I’m sat in the Love Island villa every night with how clear the image is. 

It’s a good laptop for me as a Computer Science student as well because it’s something a little flashy that’s also portable. It was even compact enough for me to use on the train without a table (obviously table is first choice but good to have a backup) which is something I don’t have with my own laptop.

It also has no trouble dealing with any programming I’m doing or software that I use at uni or at work. Having a crisp and well-lit screen has made a real difference to the amount of headaches I get when I’m sat staring at a screen all day. Obviously doesn’t solve the issue completely but that’s my own fault for not giving my eyes a rest as regularly as I should but I think we’re all a little bit guilty of that.

Another real bonus is that it charges up very quickly, so I’m never hanging round waiting to get enough charge before I leave the house. Sounds like a weird thing to say given the past year or so, but I need some hope of returning to campus in September. And let’s face it, we’re all going to struggle making 9am lectures on time.

The facial recognition feature impressed me a lot, especially as it picked up my face when I opened it up in the dark at 3am one morning. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I get my eight hours sleep every night instead of scrolling through random websites. And what makes this random scrolling easier? The fact the laptop is touchscreen. I find this feature a little unusual since most laptops with a touchscreen you can fold the keyboard away but this isn’t the case. I don’t really have any complaints about it though because I like being able to use the touchscreen when it is 3am and not have to strain my eyes to see the keyboard.