The votes are in and it’s official: Meet Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

Apparently he makes ‘the most incredible breakfast’

For the last month, Southampton students have been voting in Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021. After three rounds and nine candidates, Joe has won Soton’s most eligible bachelor.

Joe is in fourth year studying International Security and Risk.

How do you feel now that you’ve won?

Joe’s reaction to winning was: “Seriously???!!!” and he said he was: “Shocked in all honesty!”

He gave credit to his housemate saying: “I’m grateful for my housemate for nominating me.”

Are you going to celebrate?

Joe said he wasn’t sure how he’s going to deal with his newfound fame but that he would “slap ‘Soton’s most eligible bachelor’ on my CV” – we definitely think it’s CV worthy!

He also said: “Thanks to everyone for voting for me! I’ll remember you when I am famous.”

I’m sure this win means that Joe will be able to find someone to make the “most incredible breakfast” for soon.

What is the first night out you’ll go to once coronavirus is over?

Joe said his first out would be a “24-hour bender on a Wednesday – start with a Spoons breakfast and do a pub crawl until I eventually reach the Ocies cheese room”.  Might be a bit full-on if it’s your first night out but sounds fun!

What Soton night out do you miss the most?

Joe had a somewhat controversial opinion, the Soton night out he misses the most is Stag’s karaoke. He said: “There’s something so beautiful about terrible singing and double pint cups”. Those double pint cups used to be the highlight of our week ngl.

Congratulations Joe!

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