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The best dressed of Soton Freshers’ Ball 2019, revealed

They’re looking fresher than ever

Uni of Southampton Freshers' Week ended in style on Saturday night with the annual SU Freshers' Ball.

The "under the sea" theme was taken to the next level when this lot arrived – they got the drip.

Here are some of the best dressed freshers we spotted:

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Music student Sasha and Mechatronics student Elliot braved the rain to slay in these Met Gala worthy outfits.

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Law student Bella, History student Hannah and Economics student Alice tore up the metaphorical red carpet in their gorgeous dresses. The boys also gave as good as they got in their suave suits. Crep check those Air Force 1s.

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Jerryl, Frederick and Ennui are all Engineering students and it's fair to say they've engineered the perfect ensemble of outfits here. Looove the scarf.

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Law student Iyioluwa and Economics and Actuarial Science student Jenifer looked seriously stunning in an emerald dress and sparkly jumpsuit.

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Faithful to the Freshers' Ball, this pair returned for round two after loving the vibe last year. Physics student Alex and Computer Science student Alked looked sharp in their suits, despite Alked struggling to tie his tie and eventually ditching it.

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Medics Kimberley, Julia, Jemima, Martha and Dorina all looked flawless in their maxi and midi dresses. RuPaul said you better work, and they 100 per cent have.

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This group of freshers dazzled in their dresses, suits and tuxes. Among them were Charlie, Ellie, Medicine student Hansie, Mechanical Engineering student Joe and Aerospace Engineering student Matt.

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Rocking the Peaky Blinders look is Computer Science student Owen, accompanied by six fashion queens – Harriet, English student Liberty, Criminology student Gabrielle, English student Ellie, Marine Biology student Libby and Music and Business Management student Robyn.

Well, Freshers' Ball 2019 has seen some fresh garms indeed. Let's hope they are starting uni life as they mean to go on – in style.

In the words of Miranda Priestly, that's all.