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Vote now to crown your winner of Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2019

Where have these fit boys been hiding?

At long last, the final is here. Out of the eleven (very fit) boys who made it into the three heats, you have chosen your last three to battle for the crown.

Of course, we know there's been quite a few contestants, so, we've given you a summary of each finalist again to help you make a well informed, final decision.

We hope your favourite made it…

Conor Chapman, Accounting and Finance

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Conor made it to the final of Soton's Most Eligible Bachelor because of his impressive diplomatic skills when it comes to relationships – he was seeing three different girls at once and invited all three round when they found out to sort the dilemma. Seeking to apologise, instead Conor ended up having a foursome.

He also takes girls to his (his dad's) London condo for first dates, which probs adds to his appeal.

Henry Mead, Bio-Med

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Whilst we've already said Henry has got the tall, sexy and mysterious vibe going on, he's made it to the final because he feels looks are overrated and his top class banter is what always secures him the deal. We all like a funny guy, right?

He likes to take his dates to Trago or Spoons – solid choices, he's a true Soton bachelor.

Sebi Bramah, Aeronautical Engineering

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Last but not least, we have Sebi. Having had his mum as the only woman in his life so far, he's felt a bit lonely since arriving at uni and is keen to find himself a girlfriend. Maybe you can help?

In three words, he's described as tall, dark and handsome.

Now it's time to vote below for your winner of Soton's Most Eligible Bachelor 2019! Chose wisely, there's a special surprise awaiting the winner…