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Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle air their Private Parts live in Southampton!

It’s the name of the podcast – get your mind out of the gutter.

Having kicked off their tour last week, TV stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are converting their hit podcast to theatres throughout the UK this autum.

Best known for being in Channel 4's Made in Chelsea, the pair are very familiar with the world witnessing them do what they do best: roaming the streets of Chelsea, drinking champagne in their mates country estate, cheating and then lying about it – you know, same old same old.

Private Parts however sees Laing and Boulle share their innermost insecurities, airing sordid tales of their past and gossip from on and off screen.

The pair promise a laugh-a-minute show filled with embarrassing anecdotes, their encounters with trolling and the reality of celebrity.

Having kicked off in Loughborough on the 30th of September, Private Parts visits 20 venues in total throughout autum, and will stop in Southampton on the 19th of October.

Watch them talk about their Private Parts (had to get that pun in one more time) here: