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Southampton student pleads guilty to sexually assaulting a girl at Y-Not Festival

Daniel Buck has been given a suspended sentence

A Southampton second year has pleaded guilty to a sexual assault on a teenager at Y-Not Festival in 2015.

Derby Crown Court heard how Daniel Buck, who was 17-years-old at the time, repeatedly touched the victim for "between 20 and 30 minutes" whilst she told him to stop "15 to 20 times".

His victim had been at the music festival with a group of friends and after being kicked out of her tent, she had been invited to sleep in Buck’s tent where the attack took place.

Buck pleaded guilty and has been given a 10-month sentence, which is suspended for two years. He will also be placed on the sex offenders register for the next five years and must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. Steve Gosnall, mitigating, said Buck "fully accepts his wrongdoing", and is "bitterly sorry" for his actions.

Y-Not is one of a number of UK festivals to take part in the Association of Independent Festival's "Safer Spaces at Festivals" campaign, aiming to increase awareness around sexual assault and promote a zero-tolerance policy.

The festival’s website states that they have onsite staff at the First Aid point who can assist anyone worried about sexual assault or abuse.