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Quad Vods, Jesticles and Manzil’s: How to speak fluent ‘Southampton’

You don’t even want to know what the ‘Four Corner Challenge’ is

Well done freshers, you made it into one of the top 20 universities in the UK. This means you're certainly clued up on the basics, such as, the English language, the human body or the history of the world.

However, if you hope to truly succeed during your time as a Southampton student, here is some terminology that you absolutely need to know.

Quad Vod

Probably the most used word of all the Southampton slang. Made famous by Sobar Tuesdays because for one day every week, you can get a quadruple shot vodka drink for only £2!!!

The Quad Vod comes in a variety of colours (no one is entirely sure exactly how many colour options there actually are) and each colour is meant to be a different flavour (is "blue" a flavour or a colour?).

Nevertheless, this mysterious drink guarantees a cheap and regretful night.

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The rival to the Quad Vod, made famous by Jesters. If you hate Quad Vods, you'll love Jesticles and your favourite night out will be Jester's Mondays.

This drink is equally as mysterious and lethal, no one's entirely sure what's in this one either, and is basically just a pint of orange liquid. Jesticles are particularly popular with the sports society LADS because the name rhymes with testicle.


If you're keen on clubbing around the Bedford Place area, this word will become a significant part of your life at Southampton. Tariq Manzil's is an Indian Restaurant owed by arguably the most loved man in Southampton – Tariq Manzil.

The restaurant is open until early hours of the morning so you can end a night of heavy drinking with a large bowl of reasonably priced curry. To Soton students, this word represents the pinnacle of their night – a time to sit down, surrounded by drunk people, listen to chart music and heal your soul with unlimited poppadoms.

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This word is perhaps more relevant to the female freshers reading this. The Two-bicle can only be found in the Jesters' ladies and is a cubicle with two toilets in it. If you have a burning desire to hold your friend's hand and look into their eyes while going for a wee, here in Southampton you can!

Portswood Crawler

The myth. The legend. The man who choses to travel through Portswood on all fours rather than the U1E.

Mayflower fuckboys

A phrase you need to be aware of if you want to avoid heartbreak and STIs. The most dangerous of all Soton fuckboys. Their Canada Goose puffer jackets will entice you into their overpriced, ensuite bedrooms.

After a night of less-than-average passion, all you'll get is a Snapchat every three months saying "You out tonight b? x". Freshers, if you hear the word 'Mayflower' slip out of his perfectly bearded mouth, run!

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The Cube

The Students' Union certainly isn't the liveliest aspect of Soton nightlife, however, it is worth being aware of truly the most pointless part of it. Not many people are entirely sure where The Cube is, what it's used for and why it's called The Cube. If someone mentions a "great" night out here, don't go. It definitely won't be fun.


The cringe nickname for Oceana only used by "Jeans and a nice top" girls and sports societies. As a fresher in Southampton you defo have to experience Oceana. You don't, however, have to call it "Ocies". Ever.

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Level Five

This is the name given to the top floor in Hartley library. For most freshers, this area will remain a mysterious world – too quiet and packed with over-worked third years to enter into.

To get there, you have to ascend five sets of stairs, so by the time you arrive at your desk you're severely out of breath and sweaty. If you suggest a study session here, you'll definitely lose all your mates.


This is the bus you will most likely take to get to clubs if you live around the Highfield area. Remember this word because during every pres, five minutes before you need to leave, there will be a panic as everyone desperately asks "Which bus do we get on?!?!". If you can answer this question and save the night, you will be instantly loved.

Boat race

You may be surprised to discover, this has nothing to do with water sports or outdoor activities. If you are keen to join sports societies, this will become a staple part of your social pres.

This drinking game involves standing in lines – each person at the front of the line has to down their drink, as soon as they do, the next person in the line must follow, and so on. The first line to finish, wins. The team who loses faces whichever forfeit your social sec decides on.

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The 'Four Corner Challenge'

Another creation from Jesters that adds to its reputation as one of the worst clubs in the UK. This challenge is something you should hope you’ll never have to witness, however, you will definitely meet people who claim their mates, flatmates, or even ex-boyfriend completed. The Four Corner Challenge involves producing four different bodily fluids in four corners of the club – if you slip over near one of them, RIP.