Uni of Southampton to scrap Humanities degrees

The focus will be on STEM subjects

You may remember the complete uproar late last year caused by announcements that the University was going to cut up to 75 lecturer jobs and merge the eight faculties into five to save money. All this was happening whilst the Vice Chancellor received a £72, 000 pay rise and the Uni advertised for a chauffeur for senior staff.

However, it hasn't stopped there. This ridiculous saga continues as the University has announced plans to completely scrap a large number of Humanities subjects from their degree programme.

From 2019, the Southampton University will no longer be offering the following degree subjects:






A source within the University has said the following:

"We believe that, in order to accommodate the growing needs of society, where technology and science are at the forefront of our everyday lives, we need to focus on the subjects that will allow us meet these demands. Degrees in science, maths, and engineering are invaluable for the success of future generations. Although we would have liked to continue accommodating subjects such as History or Anthropology, we do not have the funds available to meet the needs of all the subjects we currently offer. Therefore, we have made the decision to remove a number of degrees from our programme, so further investment can be made in subjects we believe will have the greatest positive impact."

The Tab have reached out to the Vice Chancellor and are currently awaiting a response.

Check the date…Happy April Fools.