Every reason why humanities students are low key (high key) the best to live with

The secret superstars of any home

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Despite the obvious, there are a few clear reasons as to why humanities students truely are the best to live with. Whether you're watching 'The Crown' and need a History student to update you, or need someone to write the strongly worded email to the landlord, we've got you covered.

We are always in

Got a package arriving? Well don't worry, we will save you from receiving one of those annoying slips saying it's ready for collection the next working day from the Post Office. Due to having around eight contact hours a week, it's very likely we'll be able to sign for your package for you. Not to mention we have enough spare time to keep the kitchem clean, if we want to that is…


Night out? Of course

Another consequence of the eight contact hours a week, we are always up for a night out. Name a place and time and we'll be there. It's highly unlikely we'll have a 9am and if we do, we're probably willing to skip it for a good night out.

In need of a book?

Fancy reading Pride and Prejudice? We'll have a copy you can borrow.

Seriously, we have a lot of books

We're creative

We'll bring an artistic flair to any house. Whether it's helping decorate for Christmas or you're in need of a mindfulness coloring book, we can help you out.

We're full of energy

The abundance of spare time results in lots and lots of naps. As a result we're usually bouncing off the walls by the time BSc students come home.

How we spend our afternoons

Need your writing proof read?

Despite the lack of time we spend in lectures, our spelling and grammar is usually impeccable. We'll seize any opportunity to show it off.

We won't stress out around exams

Mainly due to the fact that we probably only have one exam, if that. Moreover, an exam we claim we 'can't really prepare for'. So if you don't want to live in a house of stressed students, we recommend choosing those who do humanities as housemates.

We'll ace a pub quiz

Maybe it's because we spend a maximum of eight hours a day at uni, but we seem to accumulate a large variety of random, useless facts in our spare time.