Fees at Soton uni are going up by £250 a year whilst vice chancellors are getting half a million

Lol what

Tuition fees will rise to £9,500 a year from autumn 2018 in line with inflation the government has released.

However, the threshold of £21,000 at which we have to start paying back our student debt hasn’t risen with inflation. Making post graduate’s worse off.

Unfortunately, this could get worse as the Department of Education have yet to confirm whether fees could rise further. The cap of £9,500 could go up.

Jo Johnson, the government’s universities minister released a new set of rules regarding how much university staff are paid.

At the moment some vice chancellors are earning up to £400,000. With Southampton’s VC, Sir Christopher Sonwden, rumoured to be earning up to £325,000 this year.

Just let that sink in, the people that you employ with your tuition fees can be paid up nearly half a million pounds a year.

A new regulator has been set up to monitor wages and universities will need to justify a wage of over £150,000.

Also details of any staff earning over £100,000 have to be published publicly.