The Ultimate Guide to Assignments

We have some top tips to help you out

Completing an assignment is a struggle, so here is a quick and easy guide to help you complete it, efficiently, productively and calmly!


When writing assignments, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. If you have a drink whether it be tea, squash or just water, your concentration levels will automatically improve.

Be sure to save the alcohol for after the assignment!

It is easy to get agitated when writing essays. The key is to resolve this issue as soon as it occurs. Get up, get a drink and sit back down. If you have a beverage with you, you will definitely feel more comfortable and able to write this thing.



Many sure that you take regular breaks when attempting to complete assignments. It is impossible to sit for hours on end and it won’t do you any good.

If you take a 15 minute break every hour, you are certain to find it easier to complete.

If you find it easier, make a schedule. Write down the time you are going to start and when you are going to take breaks. This immediately helps you because you have something to look forward to.

Why not make the break even more rewarding with a snack or a Netflix?

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Arguably one of the most important parts of an assignment is the plan. It is essential to plan what you are going to write. A detailed plan means you have already done the hard work and so writing it up is easier.

It’s best to have a structure to your essay. Get some evidence to back up your arguments and explain how this evidence supports your point.

If you do this, you can be sure that you won’t miss anything out. It also gives your essays a personal touch.



Always have some snacks nearby. Snacks will help you concentrate and keeping them close by will stop you constantly walking to the kitchen to get food.

Get some small snack bowls and fill them so you have something quick to eat whilst you are working.

Best assignment snacks consist of: crisps, nuts, cereal bars, cereal, sweets and fruit pots, all of which are quick and easy to snack on.

Snacks are probably most people’s favourite part of an assignment and the exam period!



You will always be able to concentrate better in comfortable clothes, such as tracksuit bottoms or some sort of loungewear.

If you are trying to sit at a desk for hours in tight jeans and a tight top, you will never be able to concentrate. Dust off that onesie and get comfy.


Make yourself a study playlist consisting of songs that neither bore you, nor distract you. Find songs with a steady beat, something that won’t suddenly urge you to DAB!

Music can be very helpful when you are trying to write. It can keep you focused and block out any background noise from around you.

Creating a banging playlist is always a winner!



Don’t do all-nighters

DO NOT pull ‘all-nighters,’ although you may get your essay done, they cause unnecessary stresses and your essays will never be as good as spending a few hours over a few days over them.

Don’t panic, just take your time and don’t leave your assignment to the last minute! Preparation is key.

Leave a day before proof-reading

A great tip is to start the essay at least four days in advance, meaning that you have at least a day away from the essay to clear your mind before proof-reading your work objectively.

Assignments aren’t all bad… just bring snacks, beverages and an absolutely banging playlist!

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