Southampton maintains top 90 place in world university rankings

We beat Bath and Exeter by almost 70 places

Southampton is the 87th best university in the world, according to the latest rankings published today by QS.

This year we slipped six places in the global rankings, in a year when most UK universities fell much further. One of our closest rivals in the rankings last year, Sheffield also fell a number of places and into 84th place globally.

We were also more consistent than the likes of York, who fell 24 places to 127th, and we are still the 17th best UK university on the global stage.

Southampton scored particularly highly in the following categories (out of 100):

Citations per Faculty – 72.8 per cent

International Faculty – 93.3 per cent

International Students – 96 per cent

But we were let down by comparatively low scores in Academic and Employer Reputation (63.2 per cent and 48.2 per cent respectively) and in the Faculty-Student ratio (56.2 per cent).