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Look around the room, I bet you there’s a boy wearing a cap

York’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat One

Lecturer tells student ‘You’re not Donald Trump’ in essay feedback

York’s most eligible bachelor: Heat Two

St. Anthony’s college has mould so bad that students are moving out

‘All this is an impediment to my academic progress and performance’

An ode to boys who line up empty bottles in their halls’ window

His whole identity screams ‘LOOK HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING’

Uber is launching in York today

How to make friends in Freshers’ Week, by someone who has loads of them

If you were asking, I’ve got 2,000

Things you’ll only get if you’re a southerner who goes to uni in the North

‘Are you taking Sally up the snicket Dave?’

Working at Sports Direct is as awful as it sounds

My store has had no air con since I started there three years go

Reading has fallen 19 places in this year’s world university rankings


Liverpool once again narrowly misses out on top 150 place in world university rankings

How did Cardiff beat us though???

Southampton maintains top 90 place in world university rankings

We beat Bath and Exeter by almost 70 places

Nottingham in top 75 places in the world university rankings

We beat local rivals Birmingham and Sheffield by almost ten places

King’s ranked just outside of the top 20 universities in the world

We were squeezed out of the top 20 by Edinburgh