Lies to tell your parents if you have to retake your exams

Your foolproof guide to avoiding that look of disappointment


You spent too much time watching Netflix and not enough time studying. Exam results have come out. Instead of long days on the beach and partying with your friends care-free, you have a retake in August. Here is how to tell your parents without them thinking you’re a total failure!

You were really ill at the time of the test

You came down with a really bad temperature the morning of the exam. You took it regardless because you’re such a wonderful student. Of course you didn’t tell your dearest parents because you didn’t want them to worry about you.

Your alarm clock broke

You just cannot rely on technology these days (your parents will love that line). You couldn’t help failing that 9am exam because you were asleep. How can you fail something you weren’t awake for? Not your fault at all really.

Blame the alarm clock

Blame the alarm clock

You just fancy spending a week in Southampton

You don’t really have to tell them do you? You’re just going to Southampton for a week to spend some quality time with your friends! Your parents might be a little surprised at your eagerness to get back to the place you couldn’t wait to leave in June, but you really miss Portswood, don’t you?

Everyone is retaking

If you feel like your family NEED to know about your resit then they will be much happier if they think it’s not just you doing it alone. Tell them everyone has to retake. If they believe it, they won’t think you are quite so stupid!

You enjoyed the test so much you want to do it again

If your family believes this, then either you’re a great liar or they’re ridiculously gullible. They won’t be able to believe their luck that you’re loving your course so much you are actually taking the test again, for fun!

You weren’t taught what was in the exam

Blame the lecturer! Forget how university is about independent study, how can you do well in an exam where you didn’t get taught the right material?

What could be more fun that sitting in here?

What could be more fun that sitting in here?

You tried to take the exam but you couldn’t find the room

You really tried to take the exam! In fact, you were actually looking forward to it but you just couldn’t find the room. You wandered around hopelessly for so long that by the time you eventually found the room, the exam had finished! What a shame!

You tripped over before the exam

The reason you didn’t write much on your paper isn’t because you didn’t know the answers! You had revised that topic, honestly! It’s just that right before the exam you tripped over and sprained your wrist so writing was almost impossible.

You didn’t know you had an exam

What exam? Oh, that’s what your lecturers were talking about! How could you have missed that? Stupid you!