EXIT POLLS: Who’s ahead in the SUSU Elections?

No mean personal comments in this one

On the final day of voting, the Soton Tab has decided to show you how the race for the much-coveted Sabbatical positions is going before Elections Night Live tonight.

Earlier this week we asked you who you were voting for, and, with nearly 1000 votes, we reckon we’re in good stead to give you some semi-accurate predictions before tonight’s big reveal. These uncontested positions aren’t gonna sort themselves.


Sorry Dave, I ran out of space

Union President

2016-03-04 (3)

With a 10% lead and previous experience as a Sabb, Sam Bailey seems to have a clear lead in the fight for Union President.

VP Democracy and Creative Industries

Cameron Meldrum – 45%

Bryony Newman – 20%

RON – 18%

Michael Clarke – 12%

Matthew Drummond – 6%

Cameron has a clear lead here, and Cameron and Bryony are the only two to beat the number of votes for RON.

VP Welfare

2016-03-04 (4)

Again, David has a clear lead for VP Welfare.

VP Engagement

2016-03-04 (7)

Daniel Varley is the obvious winner for this uncontested seat.

VP Student Communities

2016-03-04 (8)

Flora is in the lead for VP Student Communities.

VP Sports Development

2016-03-04 (9)

Again, Tom’s uncontested seat means he’s likely to win VP Sports Development.

VP Education

2016-03-04 (10)

Elliot’s race for VP Education is slightly tighter, but he’s still likely to beat RON.


Do you think our predictions are correct? Let us know in the comments!