There was NOT a drugs raid on Portswood Road last night

As incorrectly reported by The Wessex Scene

The Wessex Scene published an article in the early hours of this morning claiming that,

“A drugs raid by Hants Police has reportedly taken place at a student house party on Portswood Road.”

They reported that the raid took place at 47 Portswood Road during a house party, and that a ‘witness’ claimed their friend was “pushed to the ground by a fleeing dealer”, adding that “several people have been taken into custody”.

The Soton Tab can now confirm, following correspondence with Hampshire Police, that this is incorrect.

Whilst a number of police did attend the property around 1am this morning, it was in response to reports of fights breaking out, not a drugs raid.


The raid was reported to have taken place on a Portswood Road property

A resident of 47 Portswood Road told us, ‘It was because 3 or 4 people we didn’t know came in and started fighting with people.

“Pretty sure it was only them that got arrested because [the police] let the party carry on after and said that if anyone else [came] in, just to call them.”

The resident told us she was unsure where such rumours of a drug raid had originated. She said that though there were a number of police cars and vans outside the property,

“It’s just a bit ridiculous where [The Wessex Scene] got that idea from.”

The Scene’s published article blatantly lacked fact checking and in turn constitutes a piece of irresponsible journalism which the Soton Tab are pleased to rectify on behalf of the residents of 47 Portswood Road.

The resident we spoke to added that her and her fellow housemates, unsurprisingly, “don’t want people speculating!”

A spokesperson from Hampshire Constabulary confirmed to the Soton Tab that “there have been no reports of drugs offences or a drug raid at that address.”