How to make your halls better than home

For some, moving into halls might seem pretty daunting. When you first drag your suitcase in, it might seem impossible that the empty flat ahead will one day truly feel […]

For some, moving into halls might seem pretty daunting.


When you first drag your suitcase in, it might seem impossible that the empty flat ahead will one day truly feel like ‘home’. However, don’t panic, it will all come together and this is an incredible opportunity to finally create your own space, however you like it. Here are just a few tips to help you along the way…

Cliched, But Poster Up.

Bare walls can make any room feel a bit cold and impersonal, so I know its generic but I can’t stress enough how important it is to stick a few posters up. They make great conversation starters and there’s always a whole load for sale during freshers week, so you can use this as a chance to get some new ones if you feel like brightening up the room.

Photo Bomb.

Missing friends from home? Want to relive gap year memories? Bring a bunch of old photos along and either put them up on your wall (lots of accommodation have massive pin boards perfect for this) or just dot them around your room in frames. Catching one in the corner of your eye can be the perfect pick me up when you’re feeling a bit low.

The Halls Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Silence (although unlikely in halls!) can make everything seem more dreary, so whenever you’re chilling in your room be sure to have some of your favorite tunes going. This acts as a signal that you’re in for anyone keen to chat, a motivator to get some work done or a perfect bonding opportunity when you hear your favorite song blaring from another room.

Hate To Mother You, But TIDY.

One thing you may notice about your family home is that (your room aside perhaps) it’s normally pretty clean. Without your parents nagging you to keep it tidy, your room may descend pretty fast – it’s not worth it. Sweep round every few days, and without the clutter your space will be much easier to live in, as most halls are quite pokey.

Snack Attack

If you’re feeling homesick, having a cheeky pack of digestives in your bedside cabinet can makes the world of difference if you don’t fancy plodding to the kitchen in your slippers. Furthermore, a 6 pack of Red Bull might be useful in any all nighters before exams, when leaving your room might lead to distraction!

On the other hand, be sure to have some cakes or biscuits around in the kitchen to share with your flatmates and other friends you meet. Cooking as a flat is always part of the fun and themed nights are great for communal bonding. Mexican or Italian are good places to start!


Got a rug from your trip to Bali? That scented candle your mum lights every night to make the house smell nice? Bring it all! People are likely to notice unusual items and inquire as to where you got it, and the little touches can make the room much more cosy.

Don’t Forget The Rest of The Place

Don’t forget, the whole flat is your home, not just your room. Chat to your flat mates about putting a few posters up in the hall or kitchen or perhaps after a few nights out, stick up some photos of you all together. You’ll be amazed by the end of the year looking back at those first few nights and seeing how everyone has changed!

Bring A Little Life To The House

It’s funny, but some people find having something living makes a room feel more homey. Most accommodation, not just halls, won’t allow pets so a house plant is the closest you’ll get! Some flowers add a dash of color and a bit of fragrance.

Host The Most

‘Home is where the heart is’ as the saying goes. Invite people you meet in lectures, neighbors from other halls or friends from any societies you join to your halls for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. It’s a great ice breaker and bringing people back to your place really makes it feel like your own space.


How you feel about a space is what truly makes it your home. Wedging your door open whenever you’re in will leave a permanent opportunity to hear people coming and going and join in everything going on!

Once you feel happy wandering to the kitchen at 1am to get a coffee to power through your last essay or a slice of someone’s birthday cake as a midnight snack, you’ll know you’ve found home. And most likely, you’ll find someone else there already doing exactly the same thing.

What are your tips for making your halls room more homey? Let us know in the comments below!