WANTED: Brainboxes for University Challenge

Have you got what it takes to be one of Soton’s biggest boffins?

Trials for this year’s University Challenge are set to begin next week in hope of whittling down a select few Southampton students to make the team.

Have you never set foot in Sobar? Do you not know what a Jesticle is? Is the must and murk of Hartley library more comfortable than the sights and smells of Portswood? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to those questions then you’re probably a perfect candidate for the Southampton University Challenge team.

Contestants are required to attend one of two trial sessions next week on either Wednesday or Friday. There’s space for 4 full team members and a couple held in reserve. Check out the facebook event here.

Will Paxo be saying "Dando, Southampton"?

Back in 2008, Southampton lost miserably to Brighton Uni 135-190. If you think you can represent the 22nd best university in the country, then this is for you! We’ve never won a series, maybe this is our year…