Killer spider attacks Southampton man

Another person is attacked and hurt in Southampton. This time the culprit has more then two legs……

If you see this climbing something…… RUN AWAYYYY!!!!

A venomous assailant has invaded our streets, and already claimed its first victim. Just when you thought the streets of Southampton couldn’t get any more dangerous, a man has been hospitalized following a brutal attack. The suspect is an eight-legged assassin.

Unsuspecting Southampton resident Chris Galton collapsed and was rushed to hospital after suffering not one but TEN bites from a vicious arachnid. The spider in question has been identified as a False Widow, a disturbingly close relative to the infamous black widow spider, known as one of the most dangerous in the world. It is thought that the spider was lurking in bushes close to the man’s home, and after spotting him with one of its eight beady eyes, jumped into his hood and launched its attack.

The False Widow is believed to be the U.K’s most venomous spider, and although less common than your average house spider, it has noticeably been sweeping across the south of the country one web at a time. The spider is brown with pale markings, and with a body that is larger than a five pence piece, it is undoubtedly the nightmare of every arachnophobic. Vigilance may be required for anyone wishing to avoid this spider however, as it can be found “on walls and fences and in trees” – so pretty much everywhere really, yikes!