MEME Power: Hash Browns back on the menu

Memes changing the world on a very small scale

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you’ve probably seen the Southampton Uni Memes on Facebook. These light-hearted images have been poking fun at the University, Union and city of Southampton for a couple of weeks now.

The picture that started it all

It turns out, though, that the powers that be have been keeping a watchful eye on what Southampton students think of their alma mater. After this image was posted, SUSU themselves waded in and, lo and behold, two weeks later comes an announcement that you will get TWO hash browns for the price of one, just as it should be!

The removal of one hash brown per item on the famous 7 Piece SUSU Cafe breakfast occured around a year ago, probably as a cost-cutting measure. In the face of overwhelming (read: 26 Facebook likes) student demand, the decision was repealed. Latte’s cafes at Highfield, Avenue and NOC campuses all give two hash browns as one item, albeit at a slightly higher price. Now balance is restored, with the Students’ Union giving the best value breakfast on campus!