What Has SUSU Ever Done For Us?

Just another Tab rant about SUSU

My tuition fees go to this union, what have I ever got from it?

It’s a question I’m sure a few people do ask each year. But it seems they all think being a SUSU member is worth it; in the past five years not ONE student has exercised their constitutional right to opt out of Union membership.

It is good to see that every student thinks SUSU gives value for money. I do; I can tell you what SUSU have done for me. They gave me a job in my first year, back at Chamberlain bar. They gave me 3 fantastic freshers weeks. They even got me an extra 20% on a module last year when a course rep secured an exam re-mark for everyone on my course.

More than just a building

What have they done for us as a whole? Well, they’ve got our deadlines extended in light of the impending IT downtime. They collected our bins when Southampton was gripped by strikes this summer. Then there are the unsung heroes in SUSU, the staff of The Advice Centre. These people are the ones who come to the rescue when shit really hits the fan. When you face a problem, whether it’s with your fees or an academic difficulty, they’re the experts who’ll help you out. I’ve got personal experience with these amazing folks and I’ve got to say, I’d be stuffed without them.

We may criticise the bureaucracy and the less-than-perfect nightlife but the stuff they do for us is pretty amazing.

So, thanks SUSU.