The POWER of the Media – SUSU Emergency General Meeting Called

Since the vote last week, 126 angry people have signed a petition voicing how annoyed they are about the Student Leader decision.

The Tab has heard from a source within the Union that a SUSU Emergency General Meeting (EGM) has been called for next week, meaning that somewhere, there’s a number of people seriously pissed off about something.

While we are yet to confirm details, this is likely to be a call from the SUSU Media Departments in uproar against the new ‘Student Leader’ positions that were created at Union Council last Monday.

We might not be able to make Wessex Scene paper chains next year if these elections happen.

The motion that was passed last week was intended to ‘democratize’ the SUSU Media departments, meaning that the heads would be elected by students across campus, instead of just those involved in their departments. So yes, in theory that means that The Tab could heavily back a rubbish candidate for our competitor the Wessex Scene, and they might actually win.

The decision said that the elections for all student leaders should be held NEXT WEEK, the time where everyone is overburdened with coursework and desperately trying to scrape their 3rd-class degree.

Since the vote last week, 126 angry people have signed a petition voicing how annoyed they are about the decision. Notable names who have signed the petition include Simon Protheroe, Charlie Torrible, Charlotte Davison, and Jazzy Sherman. 100 signatures are needed for calling an EGM, so it seems they’ve met their target. You can find the petition here.

There is a Facebook event for the EGM here. Billy Fitzjohn, SUSU President and the creator of the event, wrote on the page:

An official motion is currently being drawn up which will be publicised shortly.

There will then be an opportunity for any student to ask a question on the proposals that were passed as policy at the last Council.

These comments make the event sound like it will be extremely dull, but you heard it from us – there will definitely be raised voices and shaking of fists. Probably a few tears as well.