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Less than HALF of people have voted so far in the SUSU Elections compared to last year

SUSSED suffers from embarrassing exam results FAIL

Southampton exam results FAIL

Why we should BAN digestive biscuits from the SUSU Shop

Enough is enough. SUSU should lead by example and boycott the disgusting digestive biscuit!

The Portswood Catwalk: Dressed to VOM

Apparently Southampton is full of fashionistas…

LIVE: Nestle FINALE – SUSU will NOT be boycotting Nestle

Students trying to ban Nestle products AGAIN at SUSU AGM

Soton Tab Editor Applications: NOW OPEN

Southampton Society SIFE wins national competition and goes global

Southampton society SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) Southampton, has recently won a National Competition to represent UK students in a worldwide final.

The Finale: Southampton University raises tuition fees to £9,000

Southampton University will charge £9,000 per year on tuition fees for future students coming to Southampton Uni.

SUSU goes BANKRUPT Following Massive Alcohol Gambling Binge

The Tab has learned today that SUSU has gone bankrupt following a spending an alcohol binge by this year’s Sabbatical team.

OFFICIAL University Exam Timetable Released

The official timetable for the Semester 2 exams has been released by the University.


The Tab is reporting live from the SUSU EGM.

MASSIVE Crash on Burgess Road

This afternoon there was a huge crash on Burgess road, right next to the Co-op, barely 100 metres away from the main Highfield campus.

The POWER of the Media – SUSU Emergency General Meeting Called

Since the vote last week, 126 angry people have signed a petition voicing how annoyed they are about the Student Leader decision.

The Library: Hot food, cold food, hot drinks, cold drinks…. I'll eat them where I damn well please.

“As I write this, I happen to be sitting on level 5 making my way through a sandwich and a coffee”

Apology for the publication of an article about Moazzam Begg

This message is regarding the article published recently about Moazzam Begg’s visit to Southampton by Mr. King.

So who's going to win the SUSU Elections? [PREDICTIONS]

At The Tab we’ve been very involved in the Elections and know most of the candidates, so we thought we’d make our predictions as to who might win.

SUSU Elections: Our Favourite Campaign Videos

At The Tab we’ve been looking around to try and find the best SUSU Elections campaign videos.


Broadlands road, next to Highfield Campus, was taped off due to a suspected murder.

MySabbPoster: Create your own spoof campaign poster!

SUSU decides absolutely NOTHING on the Nestle boycott

Today is THE day – SUSU are voting on whether it should ban Nestle products from it’s shops and cafes.


Staff turning up to work at Jesters tonight have been told that they are “no longer allowed to serve four shots with mixer in a pint glass”.

Blast from the past: The Best and Worst SUSU campaign ideas

So who's ACTUALLY running for the SUSU elections?

The official list for SUSU elections candidates has been released. So just how correct were our rumours?

Blind faith is worse than ignorance, but that's not these Christians.

It’s not the Christians who are trying to ‘tell me about Jesus’ that annoy me. It is the ignorant non-Christians.

EXPOSED: The Best and Worst Landlords of Southampton [SURVEY RESULTS]

For the past few weeks, the Soton Tab have been running a survey to find out you think about your landlords.

Could YOU be an editor with the Soton Tab?

We’re setting up editor positions for each section. If you enjoy writing and fancy getting more involved in editing stories, while having a fantastic time and heavily boosting the CV, this is for you.

Ban Nestlé?! What about free Consumer Choice? There’s no such thing.

Going into the SUSU Shop and complaining that they don’t sell Yorkies is like going into Topshop and yelling, “WHY DON’T YOU SELL PETROL?!”

Soton Tab inspires new satirical ‘news’ website Wessex Mash

Today Facebook feeds have been full of wonder at the new satirical news website, Wessex Mash, run by an anonymous blogger within SUSU.

Students OUTRAGED after Local Council BANS QUADVODS from being sold in Sobar

Our beloved student club, Sobar, has been banned by local authorities from selling quadvods, the standard drink of choice in Sobar and Jesters.

9 MILLION HOURS Wasted on Facebook by Southampton Students in 2010

Sean Parker: “We lived in farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re gonna live on the internet!”

SUSU SCRAPS WINCHESTER SABB: “It’s just not necessary”

Winchester has been neglected over the years both by the University and the Union, and for many students this most recent decision marks the final straw.

MATHS: Officially the UGLIEST Building on Campus

It’s official – the Maths building has been voted the ugliest building on campus by you, our readers.


Live updates from the Government vote on tuition fees.


The NO team can attribute their success due to the fact that they convinced students that SUSU would lose £50k per year from being part of the NUS.

One Day Off isn’t enough – Southampton Uni Closed Tomorrow

The University have just announced that it will be closed tomorrow on Friday 3rd December.

SNOW DAY! And We’re Having a MASSIVE Snowball Fight on the Common

Southampton’s Biggest Snowball fight took place on the Common on December 2nd, 2010.

The NUS: The Balanced Opinions

The NUS: Student Discount, or No Student Discount. That is the question.

This discount card may be ‘icing on the cake’ compared to the more important issue of national representation, but it is certainly very nice.

LIVE: NUS Referendum Debate

The Soton Tab will be offering updates and opinions throughout the SUSU Referendum.

NUS Referendum: SUSU Accused of Bias

This week SUSU has received complaints accusing them of being biased towards the NUS in this referendum on their website.

Second Student Protest is scheduled, and SUSU will NOT be going

A protest organised by left-wing groups who condoned the violence that took place at the last student protest have organised a nationwide day of action, ‘Day-X’.

No More Thugs in Portswood – Give Us More Street Lighting

More street lighting will mean more criminals will get caught and put behind bars where they belong.

Students Waste £1.5 MILLION in Tuition at London Protests

LIVE: The Apprentice 10th Nov

LIVE: DEMO 2010 Turns Nasty


The peaceful protest against higher tuition fees today turned to violence, with students breaking into Milibank Tower.

Collider Recreates The Big Bang – And We’re Still Here

There has been speculation and worries over the years that the experiments conducted at Cern will create a black hole which will cause the earth to implode.

Maximum Tuition Fees to be TREBLED

Luckily these proposals are not likely to affect students currently studying for a degree.

£1.5m New Interchange: EUROPEAN Style

£1.5 MILLION was spent on redeveloping the new Highfield Interchange, to include a Latte’s stand and a South-of-France style shelter.