‘I paid someone £30 just to try their vape’: Sheffield’s Freshers’ Week confessions

Why would you steal a wheelchair from a hospital?

Freshers’ Week is every student’s favourite time of year. £5 rounds? Three for two cocktails? No room to move in the smoking area? Yes. We LOVE it.

As innocent as that may sound, Sheffield’s freshers have proved that we are not just innocent university students. These outrageous confessions will shock you to your core, and that is why we love Sheffield.

We asked for your confessions anonymously via The Sheffield Tab’s Instagram, and we were definitely not disappointed with the results.

‘I agreed to have a threesome with two of my closest boy mates’

Why? Are the boys still friends with each other? Do you still speak to them? Have you done it again since? Too many questions.

‘I stole a wheelchair from a hospital after being spiked’

Are you okay? I’m assuming this wasn’t an accidental theft. Did it at least help you recover?

‘I downed a whole bottle of Archers at pres and ended up throwing up in front of the bouncer at the club so had to be taken home before I even got let in’

Classic. We’ve all been there.

‘My flatmate put his testicles in the fishbowl for ring of fire and we all had to drink it’

Surely not. Come on, guys. This is extreme.

‘I shagged someone in front of my friends at an afters’

This sounds like a weird porno. Again, so many questions.

‘I agreed to be tied up during sex and was left there for hours’

What?! How did you escape? I hope you didn’t see this person again, that’s horrifying.

‘I was so desperate for a vape that I gave some guy £30 for a puff of his in the smoking area’

Now we know vaping is everyone’s favourite pastime, but £30 for ONE puff is a bit extreme, no?

‘My friend was bought a drink by an older guy who turned out to be one of her lecturers’

Imagine the horror when you walk in to your first lecture and you see him. It sounds like a weird love story.

‘I once gave my housemate’s toothbrush to my one night stand and told him it was new and unused – my housemate never found out’

DISGUSTING. Do you even like your housemate? I’m guessing not.

‘A bouncer saw me snort coke off the table but instead of kicking me out the club he asked if he could buy some’

Did you get him fired? I’m assuming, being a student, you definitely took his money and ran.

This handful of confessions alone is enough to prove that Sheffield students are completely outrageous. We love to see it. If you or your mates want to get involved in our confessions, submit them to our bi-weekly confessions poll over on our Instagram story.

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