Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week three

Have you made it?

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It has been a long three weeks, Sheffield, but you made it out in full force once again. We are very proud of your perseverance.

Lovely to see you've got your priorities right too: night out > 9am.

But you've not made it big if you haven't made Clubbers of the Week. This week could be your time.

Group of the week

How many shades of navy can you fit into one photo?

Group of the week: runner up

The positive energy this group are giving off is so wholesome.

Solo pic of the week

It takes courage to pose for a picture solo AND have the picture turn out really nice… well done.

Solo pic of the week: runner up

Should we rename this category, the most terrified-looking clubber of the week?

Facial expression of the week

Has sunglasses-girl just seen her ex? Her sworn enemy? Or has a banger just started playing in the next room? I guess we will never know.

Photo booth of the week

We hope you're okay after your boyfriend pushed you out of the shot. Just take a selfie, man.

Photo booth of the week: runner up

Getting a decent photo in Leadmill's photo booth is a task not completed by many, we applaud you.

WTF of the week

Why is there always someone wearing a coat? Leadmill has a cloak room? It isn't even cold inside? This is a PSA to leave your bloody coats at home, Sheffield, we're in the north now.