Hannah Robinson
21 // Sheffield Hallam // my mum said I was funny once

Sheffield £1 student singles are back

Never walk a Sheffield hill again

Mind and Goldman Sachs have teamed up to improve University of Sheffield mental health services

It’s part of a £1.5 million scheme

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I’ll be there for the whole of autumn, wbu?

Everything that will happen on your night out at CODE

Is it really worth the cheap drinks?

Sheffield Uni refute claims students can skip exam topics they find ‘upsetting’

The university have said they have only issued guidance to staff for use in ‘exceptional circumstances’

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Theresa, is that you hun?

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Everything I have learnt as a Sheffield fresher in 2018

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Sheffield student hanged himself in Glossop Road flat, inquest hears

Rory had been suffering from severe anxiety and took his life in February earlier this year

I asked club photographers if they hate me because I’m fat

I have to take my own drunk pics and it’s not fair

Are you the hot mess of your friendship group?

Yes they haven’t showered in days but they make great cups of tea