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Arctic Monkeys are raffling Alex Turner’s Fender guitar to save The Leadmill

The fundraiser is part of the #saveourvenues initiative

This list will accurately determine what your fav Sheff clubs and pubs say about you

If your go-to is Code then you have no music taste

Take this Sheff-related quiz and we’ll accurately guess how many people you’ve slept with

We know your magic number

In pictures: Thousands come together for Sheffield Black Lives Matter protest

Sheffield, we love you

Sheffield Black Lives Matter protest to be held on Devonshire Green this weekend

It is happening on Saturday, June 6th, at 1pm

Sheffield Hallam is consistently letting students down and it just isn’t good enough

Do they really care more about money than their own students?

Leaked emails show that Hallam’s teaching will be ‘predominantly online’ for semester one atleast

The email was leaked on Facebook

These Hallam students have made an 18-page document to fight for compensation

“I’m sick of being pushed around, belittled and made to feel insignificant by my university”

Social Diss-tancing: Sheffield’s best virtual dissertation submission pictures

These are even better than the usual diss pics

Balti King is providing free meals to NHS frontline workers throughout Ramadan

They are providing food parcels as often as required

Five of the best Sheffession stories to remind you of the good times

Your pre-lockdown stories are wild

10 virtual things to do if you are missing Sheff

How to enjoy the motherland from quarantine

Our virtual builders are back: Someone has recreated The Leadmill on Minecraft

They’re now on The Leadmill guest list!

Incredible drone footage shows Sheffield Uni campus deserted amid lockdown

It’s like a ghost town

Now a Sheffield student has built Firth Court on Sims

Lockdown boredom is real

This what it is like to be trapped in a foreign country during a global pandemic

Yzabelle was trapped in Peru for 14 days

A Sheffield student has built the IC on Sims

The best way to spend lockdown

‘We feel completely abandoned’: Students are stranded in Peru with no way to get home

Four UK students are trapped in Peru with no way of leaving

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what percentage Hallam you are

Does anyone want 100 per cent?

Beth Eyre elected next Sheffield SU president

She succeeds Jake Verity

Salad Fingers creator David Firth is bringing his tour to Sheffield

We’ll be able to watch every episode

IT’S BACK: Sheffield Clubbers of the Week

Show us what you’ve got, Sheffield!

Sheffield Hallam to give £200k saved from strikes to disadvantaged students

The money is from staff salary savings

‘What a f***ing joke’: We asked Sheffield students about the UCU strikes

‘It’s irresponsible’

We asked single students in Sheffield how they’re spending Valentine’s Day

It’s time for the couples to stop getting all the attention

Leadmill launch LGBT+ club night ‘No Shade’

‘Celebrate who you are’

Coronavirus: Sheffield Hallam Uni tells China returnees to enter quarantine

For 14 days

Chaos! Hallam students evacuated from library and ‘wandering around in pitch black’ after huge power cut

It’s just so Hallam though

Sheffield crash: School bus crashes into barbers with 21 children aboard

‘I’m lost for words’

Sheffield University gets best ever Stonewall LGBT employer ranking

It’s the second best uni nationally

Hallam students warned as ‘scammers on campus force people to withdraw money’

The SU is on high alert

Bog off! Leadmill are hosting a night where you can meet actual Tracy Beaker

Don’t be an Elaine the pain

Hallam student pretends she’s on Love Island to get her boyfriend to reply

He was not pleased

Look the beans go on toast! How an American tourist’s Sheffield Spoons trip became a viral sensation

‘So fricking good!’

It’s official! Here is Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Don’t all slide into their DM’s at once

Vote for Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor!

Meet the lads worth swiping right for

Literal Sheffessions are being shown on big screens at Roar tonight

You can win a Wii with MARIO KART

Vote for Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette!

In the words of Queen Bey: all the single ladies

Nominations are now open for Sheff Bachelor and Bachelorette of the year 2019

It’s time to celebrate being single!

These Sheff students dressed up as Johns Van for Halloween

We love to see it

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week four

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week three

Have you made it?

Here is everything you need to know about The Harley’s new vibe

Some people are NOT happy

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Never change, Sheffield

We asked you for your worst Sheffield Freshers’ Week stories and… WOW

You’re gross

Leadmill to screen horror film at midnight in a cemetery this Halloween

Bring a pillow

Sheffield £1 student singles are back

Never walk a Sheffield hill again

Mind and Goldman Sachs have teamed up to improve University of Sheffield mental health services

It’s part of a £1.5 million scheme

Here’s who will be playing the Tuesday Club over the next few months

I’ll be there for the whole of autumn, wbu?

Everything that will happen on your night out at CODE

Is it really worth the cheap drinks?

Sheffield Uni refute claims students can skip exam topics they find ‘upsetting’

The university have said they have only issued guidance to staff for use in ‘exceptional circumstances’

If you do any of these things then sorry but you’re one of Sheffield’s student Tories

Theresa, is that you hun?

This is what it is really like growing up with Borderline Personality Disorder

The no nonsense, honest truth

Everything I have learnt as a Sheffield fresher in 2018

Why are there so many hills?

Sheffield student hanged himself in Glossop Road flat, inquest hears

Rory had been suffering from severe anxiety and took his life in February earlier this year

I asked club photographers if they hate me because I’m fat

I have to take my own drunk pics and it’s not fair

Are you the hot mess of your friendship group?

Yes they haven’t showered in days but they make great cups of tea