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Sheffield University professor under fire for asking if ‘transphobic lesbians’ can be ‘shaggable’

Hines has called lesbians ‘homos’

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week four

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week three

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Forget Brexit, think breakfast

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Never change, Sheffield

Revealed: Sheffield Uni boss spends £10k on cars and mansion while preaching about climate change

Bosses need the new lectures

Leadmill to screen horror film at midnight in a cemetery this Halloween

Bring a pillow

Here are the best graduation deals and offers in Sheffield

Best deals for the class of 2019 x

Here are the best Fifa songs from the game that made/wasted your childhood

Reminisce as you need

Bar One will be renamed Bar Two when it gets a makeover next month

It’s part of a more inclusive approach

Unwinding the coil: It’s not as painful as you think

It’s a great alternative to traditional forms of hormonal contraception

Voting system breach during council referendum at Sheffield

The system has since been amended

Everything a cat owner can relate to

Let’s face it, your phone will mainly contain cat pictures

This Sheffield Uni graduate is on a mission to match Pantone cards with everything

Life imitating art

Sheffield medic called two women ‘easy shags’ on group chat of 240 people

The student posted derogatory messages about women to a group chat of trainee doctors

Everything that will happen on your night out at CODE

Is it really worth the cheap drinks?

Sheffield Uni refute claims students can skip exam topics they find ‘upsetting’

The university have said they have only issued guidance to staff for use in ‘exceptional circumstances’

No money November isn’t stopping these Sheffield Clubbers of the Week

Maybe they’re minted, maybe they just can’t budget

Greggs have opened a new store in Sheffield’s city centre

Sausage roll anyone?

Sheffield City Hall is showing Love Actually with a live orchestra this Christmas

To me, you are perfect