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Bar One will be renamed Bar Two when it gets a makeover next month

It’s part of a more inclusive approach

A makeover will see Bar One renamed 'Bar Two' in the coming weeks, The Sheffield Tab can reveal.

Popular demand means several changes will be made to the Students' Union outlet, which has come under fire for its "selfish" name.

Renovation work will take place from 12 April through 22 May. The bar will remain open while changes are made.

Insiders are confident the new look will be a success. A source said: "Bar Two is the start of a very exciting new chapter for us.

"Lots of people have complained to us about using the word 'One'. We've been considering changing it for a while – it has its roots in single-mindedness, selfishness, and isolationism, which is not a message we want to be sending in 2019.

"For Bar Two to be the best it can, we must listen to students and move with the times. We can't wait to roll out a new, improved shared space."

Other changes include the pool tables being phased out, as "everyone is a winner in the eyes of the SU." A new sculpture, made of ice and plastic, will act as an important reminder of damage to the oceans.

'Order! At Bar Two', a new app inspired by Spoons, will also be trialled from June, to save you queuing for food and bevs.

Luckily, the current burger and drinks menus are to remain unchanged for the time being. Meat products are likely to be phased out eventually under the Union's current 18-year plan.

Sheffield Students' Union has been contacted for comment.

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