Becki Hills
A 3rd year politics and IR student from Essex hoping to use this platform to raise awareness of how mental health can affect uni students while also writing a few funny articles here and there.

Three men were stabbed at a Sheffield club in the early hours of this morning

Their injuries are said to be serious, but not life-threatening

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Our Mental Health Week: Maintaining momentum beyond this week

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World Mental Health Day: What a difference a year makes

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Breaking: Student house fire in Crookesmoor

Three fire engines were called to the scene

Our Mental Health Week: The best podcasts for your mental health

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This is what’s going on for Our Mental Health Week

There’s even a singing workshop

Sheffield SU criticised after offering ‘never inject alone’ drug advice

The SU also told students to how to take MDMA

An 18-year-old has been stabbed on a night out at Corp

The teenager is reportedly in a ‘serious condition’

What to wear to every club in Sheffield

You really don’t want to wear your white converse to Corp

Why you don’t need to starve yourself before a night out

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