Becki Hills

Becki Hills
Sheffield University


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Unwinding the coil: It’s not as painful as you think

It’s a great alternative to traditional forms of hormonal contraception

ICE ICE Baby: The International Cultural Evening takes place next week

The International Cultural Evening is an event not to be missed

Jake Verity is our new SU President

Alongside the rest of the new Officer team

Three men were stabbed at a Sheffield club in the early hours of this morning

Their injuries are said to be serious, but not life-threatening

Broomhill Friery has had a makeover and everything is now cheaper

The gift that keeps on giving

Come Dine With Me is looking for contestants in Sheffield

Tag your mate who makes a killer pesto pasta

Sheffield City Hall is showing Love Actually with a live orchestra this Christmas

To me, you are perfect

Where to watch the fireworks in Sheffield this year

Top of the Arts Tower isn’t recommended

There are 16 types of Sheffield student, but which one are you?

Who is the guy who runs around with no shoes on?

Our Mental Health Week: Maintaining momentum beyond this week

It’s never too late to become an activist

This is how you can join the Sheffield students climbing Kilimanjaro next summer

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Our Mental Health Week: How to help someone struggling with their mental health

Sometimes all you need to do is listen

World Mental Health Day: What a difference a year makes

Recovery isn’t linear

Breaking: Student house fire in Crookesmoor

Three fire engines were called to the scene

Our Mental Health Week: The best podcasts for your mental health

Because sometimes all you need is some advice from Stephen Fry

Our Mental Health Week: A week of meals to feed your soul

Sometimes all you need is a home-cooked bolognese

This is what’s going on for Our Mental Health Week

There’s even a singing workshop

Sheffield SU criticised after offering ‘never inject alone’ drug advice

The SU also told students to how to take MDMA

An 18-year-old has been stabbed on a night out at Corp

The teenager is reportedly in a ‘serious condition’

What to wear to every club in Sheffield

You really don’t want to wear your white converse to Corp

Why you don’t need to starve yourself before a night out

You’re worth more than what you look like in a club photo

The Freshers’ Breakup Ball is coming to Sheffield

For when sleeping with their best mate just isn’t doing the trick

What to do in Freshers’ Week that doesn’t involve drinking

The stuff you can actually tell your parents

These are the top five parks and green spaces in Sheffield

For any country bumpkins coming to the Steel City

Body image and Twitter trolls: Love Island’s mental health problem

Cruel comments on social media are tantamount to bullying

Labour have reinstated Sheffield MP Jared O’Mara

He was suspended for allegedly making misogynistic and homophobic comments

Vegan fast food and Yorkshire wraps are coming to Tramlines this year

Portable Sunday dinners and Craig David is the ultimate combo

Student single bus tickets now cost £1.20

First buses will now cost 20p more

The best of Sheffessions, our exam season saviour

Procrastination material for days

Mental Health Awareness Week: Self-Care Tips

Self-care isn’t selfish

Sheffield Pet of the Week: Prince Joisin Jnr III

Is catto a thing?

We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in the IC

Well, if you manage to get a seat that is

There’s going to be a march next week in solidarity with Sheffield’s homeless

They want to raise awareness of homelessness in the city

Please don’t tell us to get ‘bikini body ready’

Self-hatred is drilled into us from a young age

What it’s really like growing up in Essex

We’re not all orange. I promise.

‘It took two weeks to even get a reply’: Inside the University of Sheffield’s counselling service

Not everyone had a good experience

How to avoid drunk texting that one person you really don’t want to drunk text

Written by someone who’s been there a few too many times before

My story: How I survived alcohol abuse, anorexia and suicidal thoughts

The university counselling service changed my life