Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Never change, Sheffield

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Honestly, is there a single student in Sheffield that actually attends lectures and goes to bed at a reasonable hour? Not according to these photos.

Have you made it to clubbers of the week: week two?

Absolute legends of the week

Going to ABBA night dressed like this is absolute legend behaviour: change my mind.

Boyband of the week

If you squint this could be One Direction after Zayn had left

Boyband of the week: runners up

Here we can see our boyband going through their rebellious 'I am more than just a boyband' stage… cute.

Heroine of the week

You're making a bold statement and I am here for it.

Photobomb of the week

We were all thinking it and she just says it with her face…bold! Congrats to the happy couple x

Photobomb of the week: runners up

The anticipation on his face… he is running to get in this photo.

Well done. We were ALL rooting for you red, white and blue jacket guy.

WTF of the week

Why doesn't anyone seem to be aware of the girl sprawled across their legs?

Outfit of the week

Was it cold in CODE this week? Why do you have your winter coat on mate?

Oh, I guess it was cold then? @ CODE turn your heating up before these poor people freeze!

Group shot of the week

Not only is everyone in this photo ridiculously photogenic but the energy leopard-trousers-girl is giving off is second to none!

Group shot of the week: runners up

The boys faces are like the three drunk stages: 1. Sober 2. Tipsy 3. Fucked.