No money November isn’t stopping these Sheffield Clubbers of the Week

Maybe they’re minted, maybe they just can’t budget

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Let's be honest, who's actually going "out out" at this time of year? There's deadlines all over the shop. It's dark by 5pm and even hardened northerners are starting to feel the cold.

What's more, loans are running lower than the 2007 Flo Rida classic of the same name. My research tells me he has released 35 singles since then, and none of them sound quite as good when you're smashed in Code.

But I digress. Doomed essays, dark nights and depleted funds aren't stopping Sheffield's Clubbers of the Week. Please be upstanding for these absolute units – maybe they're minted, maybe they can't budget, maybe they're just taking procrastination to a new level. Who knows? Who cares?

"It's called fashion, look it up" of the Week

Who wore it better, Britney or the chap on the left? Answers on a postcard.

"Take your dad to Leadmill" of the Week

Age is just a number. Up the Leadmill.

Corp reject of the Week

Queue too long? Revision to do? Just hold out till Saturday for a big one.

Sharp suits of the Week

Giving Leadmill the effort it deserves. Not sure I've looked or felt that smart maybe ever.

PDA of the Week

Nothing says true love like 90p drinks and Tom Zanetti tunes.

Happiest clubber of the Week

She's probably got an essay in on Wednesday, she doesn't care, there's a Catfish tune playing and double vodka cokes are £2.

Careless whisper of the Week

"Endcliffe isn't THAT far from here I promise."

Poor soul who just wanted to get some work done but has been forced out by his mate and is hating every minute of it of the Week

By contrast him on the right looks well happy, maybe too happy.

Legend of the Week

Six drinks? Six? That's insane.

Non-uniform of the Week

You can tell this lot "went out for one". Zero effort made to honour the fine tradition of the Corp Wednesday dress code.

All club photos taken from respective Facebook pages.